The Luckiest Casinos in Vegas, According to Tripadvisor Reviews

The Luckiest Casinos in Vegas, According to Tripadvisor Reviews

Las Vegas is the global hub for 24/7 entertainment with an endless variety of experiences, from thrilling F1 events to star-studded shows and concerts. Yet, the city is undeniably famous for its casinos, an integral aspect of the adult playground that is Las Vegas. From the flashing lights of slot machines to poker faces in high-stake games, the city truly caters to all sorts of visitors.

This had us thinking, which casinos are the ‘luckiest’ of them all? We curated a list of the 15 most popular Las Vegas Strip casinos and scraped Tripadvisor reviews to analyze which are perceived as fortunate according to visitors. Our focus was on extracting keywords associated with great luck, such as ‘lucky’, ‘luck’, ‘won’, ‘winning’, ‘success’, ‘jackpot’, and ‘hand pay’.

Key Findings: 

The Mirage is the “luckiest” casino according to Tripadvisor users, with 6.03% of reviews associated with an experience of ‘good luck’

Resorts World Las Vegas is revealed to be the “unluckiest” casino, with only 0.78% of reviews associated with ‘good luck’

Casinos with the highest probability of hitting the jackpot (according to reviews)

Although we can’t guarantee any wins for you, our data instead shows which Strip casinos hold the highest to lowest probability of winning, according to previous visitors’ experiences. 

Mirage, mirage, on the wall, who’s the luckiest of them all? Our data reveals that The Mirage’s casino holds the highest probability of winning. It’s not just their artificial volcano that’s erupting nightly, because luck seems to be pouring across people’s Tripadvisor reviews. With 6.03% of reviews associated with the theme of luck, we’d say it might be worth a visit.

The Venetian doesn’t just excel at replicating Venice’s canals, but also being the second luckiest casino on The Strip as attested by previous visitors’ reviews. Out of the significant 2,867 reviews, a notable 5.92% resonated with positive sentiment towards luck. The Venetian’s Tripadvisor casino reviews also boast the highest count of ‘jackpot’ mentions and second-highest count of ‘won’ mentions, overall. One user titled their review, “We got lucky so of course this casino is excellent hahaha,” while another participant witnessed a lady win three jackpots on the Buffalo Machines! Talk about great luck.

Next in the lineup of luck-infused casinos on The Strip is the ARIA Resort & Casino, claiming its spot as the third luckiest, according to our review analysis. With 5.55% of ARIA’s reviews corresponding with all-things luck, the numbers speak volumes; they also have the highest count of ‘hand pay’ mentions and the third-highest count of ‘jackpot’ mentions, overall. One lucky visitor even went on to say that they won a hand pay jackpot on their second visit to ARIA. What a lucky streak!

But you know what they say…“What goes up, must come down,” and in the realm of luck, Resorts World Las Vegas seems to be facing a downhill trajectory. Our analysis reveals that only 0.78% of luck-related keywords found their way into Resorts World Las Vegas’s Tripadvisor reviews, earning the title of ‘the unluckiest casino on The Strip’. The lack of fortune is palpable, as their reviews hold more mentions of the term ‘disappointed’ than any lucky keywords. It’s probably wiser to divert your attention to their shopping mall or unwind at the resort, instead of rolling the dice at their casino. 

After soaking in the electrifying vibes of the U2 concert at the Sphere or tying the knot in front of Elvis, your next adventure awaits you down The Strip. Embrace the unpredictability of chance down the dazzling streets that is Las Vegas!


To determine the ‘luckiest’ and ‘unluckiest’ casinos on The Strip, we conducted a thorough keyword search within the review sections of each casino’s respective Tripadvisor pages. The following terms were searched and tallied: lucky, luck, won, winning, success, jackpot, and hand pay. We ensured that there was no duplication of keywords within the same person’s review.

After crunching the numbers, we calculated the percentage of luck-related mentions in each casino’s total Tripadvisor reviews. Please note that we focused solely on each casino’s dedicated Tripadvisor page, rather than their hotel and resort Tripadvisor pages.

This data was collected in November 2023. 

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Author: Alan Flores