The stories behind PlayOJO's latest jackpot wins

The stories behind PlayOJO’s latest jackpot wins

Wouldn’t you like to know how our big winners landed their massive pots? Well, we’re about to reveal the very stories behind some of our latest PlayOJO jackpot wins, including the exact moves leading up to those eye-boggling moments. Come and meet the players, games and lucky moves behind PlayOJO’s latest jackpot wins…

PlayOJO’s Latest Jackpot Winners

Here’s how they did it… discover how some of PlayOJO’s latest jackpot winners landed their big wins…

£128,937.98 was won on Rainbow Riches!

Our biggest jackpot winner of late, the lucky 55-year old OJOer was trying his luck on the his fave game, Rainbow Riches when he became the next big PlayOJO winner.

After collecting three Wishing Well symbols, he entered the Wishing Well Bonus Feature where he managed to pick a 300x multiplier, and there it was… he was looking at a colossal £128,937.98! Now, that is the craic!

£102,607.59 was landed on Mega Roulette!

There’s nothing like a live casino game for a dose of real-time action, and it was lights, camera ACTION for this 25-year-old OJOer who decided to take on the big wheel with Mega Roulette.

The player’s winning number was Red 5, which gave her 350x her bet. She also landed Mega Numbers: 29,12, and 5, which subsequently awarded her with 150x, 100x, and 350x her bet and a total win of £102,607.59! A mega win for Mega Roulette!

£73,437.72 was scooped up on Crazy Time!

It was the Crazy Time Bonus Game that made this 30-year OJOer £73,437.72 richer. The bonus game is the main event of the ever-popular Crazy Time live game show, and this is where prizes can go literally crazy! The Crazy Time wheel comes packed with bet multipliers or double-up and triple-up wedges. Talk about a Crazy Time!

£69,320.00 was won on King Kong Cash: Jackpot King!

This 40-year-old Londoner only joined PlayOJO a few months ago, but it was the tree-swinging King Kong Cash: Jackpot King slot that drew him in early one morning. He landed 3 bonus symbols which triggered the free spins feature, and then a few wins and banana re-spins later, he was looking at a total win of £69,320.00 – no monkeying around there.

Gunneredw spun £60,400.00 on Extreme Lightning Roulette!

39-year old Gunneredw from Bromley was playing his fave game, Extreme Lightning Roulette one night. He placed a £40 bet on 31 Black, then sat back and watched the wheel do its thing…

But wait… the awsome thing about this game is that once the betting closes, Lightning Numbers are generated which have multipliers. Luckily for Gunneredw, his lucky number was struck with a 1,499x multiplier and he won £60,400.00!

£58,721.31 was landed on 777 Strike!

This lucky fella landed the £58,721.31 jackpot on his 2nd fave game, Red Tiger’s 777 Strike. The 57-year-old from London sat down to have a spin on his phone one night. He span a few spins…. and then on his very last spin, the jackpot dropped, making him the biggest single PlayOJO jackpot winner of October! STTRRIIIIIIIKE!

£55,400.00 was won on Extreme Lightning Roulette!

Extreme Lightning Roulette does it again! This time it was a lucky 37-year old OJOer from Bedford who got lucky playing one of her faves. How did she do it? Well, after a few smaller wins, she decided to place a bet on 23 Red – excellent choice too, because it also happened to be a Lucky Number which means the win gets multiplied by 499x the bet! Result!

Coljac_aj22 won £54,673.00 on Cygnus 2!

It was beginner’s luck for 30-year old coljac_aj22 from Heywood when he went to play Cygnus 2. After a few small wins, coljac_aj22 managed to trigger the Dropz Mode which landed him 7 free spins. During the 3rd Free Spin, got himself multipliers up to 34x which paid him £53,395.40 just from one spin! So, total winnings from his feisty free spins was a spin-tastic £54,673.00!

How’s coljac_aj22 planning to spend his winnings? “… put down a deposit for a house”, he says. We can’t think of a better way to spend the cash. Congrats, mate!

A 10p bet landed a £52,866.32 win on Spooky Carnival!

This 48-year old OJOer from Devon had only played Red Tiger’s Spooky Carnival once before, but that creepy number had obviously left its imprint… because as the October nighttime drew in, it was time for another spin…

Our lucky lass made a mere 10p bet on this spooky spinner, and the next thing she knew, she was looking at the £52,866.32 Mega Jackpot! Unbelievable. Here’s what she had to say about her astonishing win:

“This is definitely the biggest win I have ever had and never believed it would happen to me. I think I am still in a state of shock along with my husband. I do love playing on the slot machines and the kicker promos. I’m looking forward to a nice hot holiday or maybe a cruise 😁😆”.

You enjoy yourself!

£45,015.00 was spun on Crazy Time!

 Crazy Time does it again! It was his fave game show that landed our 26-year-old OJOer from London his £45,015.00 win!

How did he do it? Well, it was all thanks to the Crazy Time Bonus Game. Once this feature is triggered, the dealer opens a red door to a virtual wheel where you pick a blue, yellow or green flapper – you win the amount your flapper lands on.

But there’s more… flappers get doubled or tripled if they land on a multiplier, and the wheel is spun AGAIN for a chance to land on even more multipliers! This lucky fella managed to land a Double and then the wheel spun him another 200x multiplier! CRAY-ZEEEE.

£41,834.79 was won on Snake Arena Dream Drop!

This lucky OJOer was playing on his 2nd fave game, Relax Gaming’s Snake Arena Dream Drop slot one morning. After a few smaller wins, he managed to trigger the Dream Drop feature by landing 5 Dream Drop symbols in the jackpot spin. This is where you get to spin the jackpot wheel for a chance to win 1 of 5 jackpots. Low and behold, he landed the Major Progressive Jackpot! You lucky thing!

£30,755.00 was unearthed in Diamond Mine Megaways: Jackpot King

This lucky winner from Dartford went digging for gold on her fave game, Diamond Mine Megaways: Jackpot King one evening. After a few smaller wins, she picked up 2 respins and managed to land 3 Sacks of Gold symbols for 12 free spins.

Then, on free spin number 8, she bagged 2 more respins and won a lovely £4,200 with 6x multiplier. But it didn’t end there! On the very last free spin, she picked up 1 more respin, followed by a 10x multiplier win of £21,500.00! With all the digging, spinning and winning, she was looking at a combined total win of £30,755.00! Heighhhh-hooooooo!

£30,653.00 was won on Big Bass Amazon Xtreme!

This 34-year OJOer from Staffordshire never imagined he’d reel in such a whooper on his fave catch, Big Bass Amazon Xtreme.

His lucky streak began when he landed 3 bonus symbols, which triggered the free spins feature. On spin no. 5, he picked up an extra 10 free spins, on spin no. 19, he picked up an extra 10 free spins.

The free spins just kept on reeling in even more free spins, until suddenly he was looking at a total combined win pot of £30,653.00! Talk about a Catch of the Day.

There’s not enough space in this blog to write about ALL of PlayOJO’s latest jackpot wins, but if you love a win story as much as we do, then you’ve enjoyed reading about how this lot randomly struck gold.

We all know that a lucky win is only ever down to pure chance, and yes, it’s totally random, so always play responsibly so that you will always feel the fun!

Author: Alan Flores