What was our highest paying game in 2023?

What was our highest paying game in 2023?

It’s the end of another year and while we can’t wait to show you what we’ve got planned in 2024, we couldn’t go before celebrating our awesome players from the last 12 months. 

We’ve enjoyed some brilliant promos and giveaways this year – plus our players have had a whale of a time earning big wins on our casino and bingo games. 

But we’re sure there are plenty of questions you’re desperate to have answered. What was this year’s highest paying game? How much prize money was won? And how much OJOplus cash was given back to players? 

Well, you’ve come to the right place because we’ve got all the answers. So, strap yourself and get ready to enjoy an OJO-tastic 2023 recap.

How much money was won at PlayOJO in 2023? 

It’s the question on everybody’s lips and we’ve got the answer! Drum roll please – the total amount of prize money won on games at PlayOJO in 2023 was… £1,154,162,765! 

Phwoaaar, you’re a lucky lot! That’s every single win combined, whether it was just a few pennies or one of our big winners. There’s plenty more where that came from!

What was the highest paying game of 2023? 

Regular readers of our monthly highest-paying games blog might know the answer to this one already! There were plenty of contenders, with the likes of Big Bass Splash, Lightning Roulette and PlayOJO Live Roulette always near the top of the charts. 

highest paying game

But there can only be one winner and this year’s most fruitful game was… Big Bass Bonanza! You guys certainly caught a few whoppers, reeling in a huge £31,789,370. It’s one of our most popular games for a reason, with plenty of free spins and multipliers waiting to be hooked up. 

We’ve got a feeling you’re going to be seeing a lot more of it next year! 

There were tons of contenders and we’re not surprised – we do have more than 5,000 games to choose from, after all. 

You won’t be surprised to hear that one of them was Big Bass Bonanza, which had the most amount of money placed on it – no wonder it was our highest paying game! 

The fishy fun continued throughout 2023 because our most-played game was Big Bass Splash! It had the highest number of spins, with almost 39 million in total. 

big bass bonanza vs bigger bass bonanza

And our old friend Thor couldn’t stop recruiting heroes for his Asgardian adventure. Thor: The Trials of Asgard had the highest number of total playing sessions, making it another one of our most popular games of 2023. 

What was the biggest player win of 2023? 

We had plenty of big winners in 2023 and one of our players certainly had an enjoyable fishing trip! They made a splash on Fishin’ Bigger Pots of Gold, winning a whopping £210,860 in one go. Congrats! 

How much OJOplus money did we pay out in 2023? 

As you all know, all our players get money straight back into their OJOplus account every single time they play. Whether it’s on slots, table games or bingo, you’ll get money back on every game that you can use to play again or withdraw and keep as cash. 

We love giving back to our players and we’re pleased to reveal that in 2023, we paid back a huge £1,044,985 in OJOplus money. 

Have a wonderful 2024! 

So, there you have it! We’ve crunched the numbers and revealed all for 2023. Thank you so much to everyone that’s played at PlayOJO this year. Join us again in 2024 for even more fun. See you soon!

Author: Alan Flores